Properties & Advantages

Adton's Bleaching Earth offers unparalleled benefits and properties, setting it apart from others in the market

Acid Activation

Our bleaching earth boasts a significantly higher contact surface area with neutralized oil, leading to superior adsorption of coloring pigments such as Chlorophyll, Carotenes, and Phosphorus. This unique feature translates to lower dosages required compared to other alternatives.

Efficient Removal

With its exceptional adsorption capacity, Adton’s Bleaching Earth effectively eliminates gums (Phospholipids), Free Fatty Acids, and Soap Content from the oil, ensuring a cleaner and purer end product.

Streamlined Filtration

We've perfected the balance of particle size distribution to optimize oil filtration speed. By ensuring the right size distribution, we minimize filtration time, enhancing productivity without compromising on quality.

Optimized Oil Retention

Leveraging our expertise in porosimetry, we prioritize parameters such as pore diameter, total pore volume, and surface area to achieve optimum oil retention. With Adton, you can expect lower oil retention without sacrificing throughput, ensuring a highly efficient and effective bleaching process.

Controlled Bulk Density

Adton, precision is paramount in our manufacturing process. That’s why we utilize specialized, state-of-the-art equipment to assess the bulk density of our activated bleaching earth powder.

This advanced technology ensures that we maintain consistent and reproducible results, allowing us to achieve the highest standards of quality control and management throughout our processes. With precise and accurate information on bulk density, we can optimize our operations to deliver superior products consistently. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to quality, ensuring that every batch meets our stringent standards for excellence.

Control Residual Acidity

In the quest for optimal performance, Adton offers Controlled Residual Acidity in our bleaching earth solutions. While some customers may seek high residual acidity for enhanced color removal, excessive acidity can lead to detrimental by-products in the oil. Adton’s approach ensures precise control over residual acidity, striking the perfect balance between effective color removal and oil usability.

Advantage of 3MCPD Reduction

Adton’s bleaching earth not only improves color removal but also significantly reduces 3-MCPD levels in edible oils. By prioritizing safety and quality, we contribute to healthier outcomes for consumers.

Impactful Benefit

With Adton, you can confidently bleach your oil, Knowing that you’re not only enhancing its quality but also protecting consumer health. Trust Adton for superior results and peace of mind.